August 10, 2016

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BTL Marketing

All service of Theme Ventures a BTL Marketing firm is categorised under three broad category heads. Each category head has multiple services Channel Distribution, Corporate Sales, Consumer Connect, Media PR, and much more. Further each service is modular in nature. Like you could do with Ruby square or home furniture’s, Theme Ventures lets you add, subtracts, refit various services. Take and give zones, opt for different timelines, increase or decrease service deliveries, club various services together and then retract them at your will.

It’s fun to operate this BTL model. Because as you play around with complicated sales, marketing, communication functions as if it were a modular furniture you are saved of monstrous cost involved with the play. Manpower and its management.

Thus Theme Ventures becomes the first BTL Marketing agency in the country to bring you global business practices at one tenth the cost of in-house operation of the same services.

Theme Ventures operates through three self owned offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata and straddles across 16 states and over sixty cities making its operation one of the most comprehensive in the country in activation.

And you be assured that we take the business risk to success. Because we don’t charge you for anything but success. The success parameters are defined too. So you what you are paying for.

We call it a parcel fee.

Channel Distribution


Consumer Connect


Media PR


The common thread is all the three divisions operates on the same fundamental: Fee structure based on performance which is defined by unit of delivery. Thus each shop order booked or each corporate employee alliance or each B2B enquiry generated is considered one billing unit. The client is saved of resource cost, management complexities, HR issues, infrastructure expenses and foremost timely performance.

Fee Policy


Fee Matrix



All services are governed by a Standard Operating Process (SOP) with Standard Per Unit Pricing (SPUP) module.The client doesn’t bear the liability of manpower and performance.Neither does the agency charge any consultancy fee. Each alliance has specified cost. Fees are calculated based on cost per alliance not with standing the number of beneficiaries of each alliance at the client’s end.

What is SPUP?

Standard Per Unit Pricing

As a client, be assured there’s nothing more transparent business model than BTL model. Five parameters clearly determine the pricing policy of any services of Theme Ventures.

For all services, based on the below criterion,standard pricing policy on performance unit is applicable.To make simpler, for distribution ,one unit is one order from one shop booked.For corporate employee activities & neighbourhood marketing,one unit is one onsite activity conducted. For B2B enquiry generation and architect builder enquiry generation one unit is one qualified meeting set up between client and potential partner brand.

What is SOP?

Standard Operating Process.

Theme Ventures follows the global service implementation practice of SOP.Each service operated by the agency is based on SOPs provided to the client prior to commencement of the activation.To make simplier, the terms of brand alliance of loyalty privilege program is based on an SOP guideline set by the agency and agreed by the client prior to commencement of the service.The brand categories that are to be included in the list of loyalty offers shall vary from client to client.It shall vary based on five SOP parameters . ed on these variables,an SOP sheet shall be submitted to the client before commencement of work.

Pricing Parameters


SOP Parameters



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