August 12, 2016

Channel Sales Agency Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Kolkata

Channel Sales Agency Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Kolkata

Channel Sales

As a brand owner pretty often you may have wondered why is your product not available uniformly, all the time across all the stores? Why is that one brand of noodles is in stock with your neighbourhood stores while another brand, your favourite, is not readily available?

The answer to this riddle is simple.

The brand that’s available in abundance and round the year in the next door store has effectively been doing channel sales. That brand has deployed secondary sales team to persuade each and every retailer to place order with the company. However the supply chain continues to be routed through the distributor in that area.

The other brand, your favourite, is dependent on the distributor to pick up orders from the retailers. They have saved on resource cost by refusing to deploy payroll channel sales team to handle retail orders. Now, left at the mercy of the distributor and his poor sales management your favourite brand has now stagnated in sales, its geographical reach limited to the distributor’s ability to manage the channel.

So who is the winner? The brand which invested in Channel sales.


But what is channel sales? What’s the ideal and universal model?

Theme Ventures a Channel Sales Agency Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Kolkata deputes a dedicated team for secondary sales for each of its client.

The team is exclusive for each client & brand. The secondary sales team of Theme Ventures is responsible for Repeat Order Booking with each retailer. The orders are then instantly processed by the back end MIS team and forwarded to the distributor. All this is done on Real Time process.

Theme Ventures drives sales from bottom up. Picks up order from each retailer and hands over to the distributor for delivery and collection. The agency complements the secondary channel sales process with primary sales, ensuring that the distributor manages the supply chain effectively. Besides, we have a dedicated MIS team to handle orders, ensure deliveries, create SKU wise projections based on current sales etc. To make products move from the shelf of the retailer, Theme Ventures,in addition to channel sales undertakes Visual Merchandising at each store.

For most brands conducting channel sales across geography is a challenge. Fluid and mobile manpower, manageability of the field force and extremely expensive HR and manpower recruitment, training and control mechanism is a prohibitive factor for large scale secondary sales. Brands with matured and evolved management bandwidth undertakes channel sales effectively. And because only a handful of brands run a large corporate succeeds in doing channel sales, their products are available universally.

Theme Ventures a Channel Sales Agency Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Kolkata is the only Channel Management agency in India which offers Channel Distribution service on a Capsule Fee basis. It implies, as a brand owner, you need not invest in setting up your own payroll Channel Distribution team. Theme Ventures owns up the cost of managing your channel and charges you a fee by per unit. One order is one Unit. Theme Ventures commercial payout is determined by the number of orders it fetches you notwithstanding the vagaries of market and management.

Doesn’t that make good business sense for you ?

Theme Ventures a Channel Sales Agency Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Kolkata puts some science in the madness of Channel Distribution.

We work on order booking software with real time tracking of each Channel sales team members.

It captures retailer profile in detail to enable the marketing department to make sales volume offers to category A stores.

Through its MIS department, Theme Ventures, effectively pushes Secondary Channel sales team to liquidate slow moving or in stock items. It also tracks each retailer’s sales movement by each order cycle which in turn enables the marketing department to design sales incentive scheme.

It works consistently to build the client brand’s relationship with the retailer where distributor’s role gets diminished to supplier only. Thus establishing a direct contact between brand and seller.