August 12, 2016

Channel Distribution

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Pricing By Performance Unit

How often have you, as a brand owner, wished that your product was available in every nook and corner of the country?

You might have envied your favourite soft drink brand or the chocolate brand you always bought for your kids. There is not one store anywhere in the country that you missed their presence. But not your product. Channel Distribution Management is the solution. A 360 degree Channel Distribution Agency with offices in Kolkata | Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai & operating in PAN India.

Channel Distribution is complex. But it’s built on a proven matrix of management science. Most brands fail to implement the science of channel distribution. Those who follow the tried and tested process of channel management succeed in achieving universal placement.

Theme Ventures puts special emphasis in developing Channel Distribution both vertically and horizontally. Both in width and depth. So it’s not only important to place your products in retail stores across all cities and states in India, but also ensure that all retail stores in all the cities sell your products.  If your products are available in all the states but only in few stores in each state it’s not the best distribution model.

However to achieve width and depth of distribution is easier said than done.

That’s exactly what Theme Ventures, through its scientific tools of distribution does.

Theme Ventures offers a 360 degree implementation process of Channel Distribution. A Channel Distribution Agency in Kolkata | Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai & operating in PAN India

A dedicated team for the following functions results in high level of specialisation and goal orientation.



Primary Sales ManagerPrimary sales management
Secondary Channel Sales resourcesRepeat order booking from the retail stores on weekly / forthnightly basis
Visual MerchandisersPlacement & replacement of POP materials at retail stores
New Retailer appointment ExecutiveDedicated team expanding the retailer base by appointing new stores through first order booking & capturing non financial KYC
Management Information SystemA dedicated backend team coordinating supply chain, repeat order bookings and generating critical Go To Market charts & projections
Channel Sales Audit Auditing supply chain, last mile delivery, order booking process, price& margin variations, retailer complaints etc
Mini MTO allianceDriving alliances with hundreds of Mini Modern Trade Outlets with dedicated shelf space for each brands where product placement is difficult for small/medium brands
High rise residential captive Store alliancesDriving alliances with thousands of stores inside group housing societies catering on a dedicated basis to the households inside the high rise complex. These stores have dedicated footfall and loyal customers
Channel sales for Mini MTO & High rise Residential captive stores Weekly/Fortnightly repeat order booking with Mini MTO & Residential captive stores

Now imagine instead of you as an entrepreneur having to set up , run and manage this fledgling set up of management across multiple cities with a fixed cost as an overhead, how would it be to outsource the process to Theme Ventures at on a Pay By Performance model bench marked with clear cut deliverables.

Curious to know how do we define deliverable?

Its always on Per Unit.
What’s Per Unit?
One unit is benchmarked as per order booked per shop

Channel Distribution Management

Channel Distribution Kolkata Delhi Gurgaon Mumbai

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