August 12, 2016

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Neighbourhood Marketing

One of the Direct to Consumer handshake marketing tool is Neighbourhood Marketing.

Highrises in major metro cities are islands of thousands of captive consumers housed inside a premise. Through a day long Neighbourhood Marketing Program Theme Ventures sets up a base for potential consumers buying, participating in product/service demo experience, product experience through interesting game shows & interactive programs and returning to their apartments with redemption voucher booklets through which they would make post event purchases of the product/service. Consumer outreach is the most innovative way, been the key focus of Theme Ventures a Product Promotion Agency with offices in Kolkata | Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai.

Neighbourhood marketing is an unique interactive platform which brings the brand in direct handshake reach of potential consumers. More importantly Neighbourhood marketing creates a base for repeat purchases through strong consumer loyalty program.

There is no better way to build a brand than selling through consumer experience activity. Even better if the same consumers are offered a smart tool like a redemption voucher booklet with multiple coupons which incite them to return to the brand’s store several times over to make purchases. Neighbourhood marketing does just that. It creates a hype & awareness about the product & service around a community of people among most of which turns into a potential consumer. 

Theme Ventures a product promotion agency with offices in Kolkata | Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai had in the past conducted Neighbourhood marketing for products ranging from paints, jewellery, tyre, consumer electronics to financial services, banks, holiday firms and sundry products.

Neighhorhood marketing is effective, accurate and interactive.

Product Promotion Agency Kolkata Delhi Mumbai

Neighbourhood Marketing

Create a community of buyers through neighbourhood marketing.

Initiate personal bonding with the consumers residing inside highrises through dedicated loyalty Programs.

Push for referrals through the same consumers by offering multiplier of rewards & benefits to the referee.

Create and then expand a network of buyers residing inside various highrises through Neighbourhood marketing.

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