August 10, 2016

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Mr G.P.Agarwal (Chairman)

Priya Biscuit (Mumbai)

Theme Ventures may turn the sales marketing paradigm upside down. It has introduced a disruptive business model which replaces inefficient payroll with outsourced sales functions. That's new in India. But before long, it shall be common practice. We had been experimenting with Theme Ventures various genres of outsourced distribution visual merchandising, new retailer appointment, channel audit. Its been an outstanding experience. The fault lines in our distribution system now appears prominent

Hemant Jain (Director)

Polyfoam Water Tanks (Kolkata)

The pay by performance model introduced by Theme Ventures for all its 15 odd services is a brave new effort.It must be extremely challenging for Theme Ventures to protect its bottom lines through a highly variable revenue model of “Pay by per unit of performance.’We have collaborated with it on outsourced channel distribution management,B2B enquiry generation and consumer loyalty programs.The speed, precision and depth of management is outstanding. Particularly rural marketing outreach is phenomenal

Nikhil Mishra (Executive Director)

Gopaljee Milk (Delhi)

Outsourced marketing ? It was unknown for us till we outsourced marketing communication services with Theme Ventures. Channel audit is an complicated aspect of distribution management. thas undertaken extensive sales audit functions at the micro level scanning several thousand shops. They had created the architecture of shop profiling, product availability according o verticals, competitor mapping, pricing and volume analytics.

Puneet Dhawan (Business Head)

Orient Electric (A CK Birla group company)

To supplement our team of Enterprise sales,we outsourced B2B enquiry generation with Theme Ventures.The business model was appealing.The agency generated qualified leads for our frontliners complete with the meeting date & time with a specific enquiry.While Theme Ventures charged for each meeting set up our institutional sales managers were responsible for closing those meetings.In the process we reached out to host of builders and factories where we had no contacts earlier.

Bharat Prasad (Managing Director)

Nutrinda (Delhi)

We are an expanding FMCG brand in the spices segment.Theme Ventures is assisting us in channel distribution.We decided to outsource distribution for the reason that network expansion is lightening fast with high level of precision and store appointment costs are lower than payroll resources. Unfortunately outsourced distribution has no agencies in India yet.Theme Ventures model of “Pay by Per Unit” suited us because it is transparent with no liability of fixed cost.The agency deploys its own onmanagement & resources to build a network of retailers,distributors and Modern Trade stores.Theme Ventures operation clones the internal sales team without the fixed cost of a maintaining a sales team.That's a fabulous business model.

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