August 12, 2016

Field Marketing Agency – Channel Audit

Field Marketing Agency Delhi | Mumbai | Kolkata

Pay by Per Performance Unit

If you own a firm with a large channel distribution network, how often did you visit the market to check out consumer satisfaction index?

YOU randomly pick up cities across the country, and randomly visited retail stores in those cities and try to figure out if the local area distributor supplied him your products without interruption?

DID YOU check on the retailer what was his motivation to push your brands with the customers?

Finally, DO YOU have any mechanism to understand whether your large sales force team is working to perfection at it optimum?

That’s where Theme Ventures “ CHANNEL SALES AUDIT ” service has something to contribute to your organisation.


Theme Ventures a Field Marketing Agency Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Kolkata deploys a trained, process driven, introspective team to audit your organisation retail sales functions. The field sales audit team is backed by an efficient back-end voice audit team along with data analysts who measure up what’s happening to your company’s retail management.

Our sales audit reports are transparent, crisp and immensely soluble.

Through its scientific sales audit mechanism Theme Ventures identifies systemic fault lines, pressure points , success ratio , departmental malfunctions, cost overruns, financial leakages and management drawbacks. The audit report also generates consumer feed pack which is extremely valuable for product repositioning & pricing strategy.

As always, Theme Ventures a Field Marketing Agency in Delhi | Gurgaon | Mumbai | Kolkata. bills you on Per Unit Cost. By implication you need not pay for our field and back end resources. No extra cost for analytics either. No separate Management consultancy cost. No payments either for agency overheads like recruitment, training or HR management. Pay by per retail store audited. Per store audit is billed to you as one Unit of fee.